Mediation between client, user and operator

Client Credit Suisse
Project managers
Suzanne E. Rapetti-Hunsicker, Heini M. Bossert
Time frame
2013 – 2014
Investment budget
CHF 8 million
  • Consulting and mediation between the stakeholders
  • Defining and implementing the project processes incl. project organization

The Credit Suisse intends to develop the Schweiter-Areal in Horgen and has an agreement with the town council to build a pedestrian overpass from their site to the Horgen-Oberdorf train station in the process. The overpass spans the train tracks of the Swiss federal Railway (SBB) and must enable wheelchair access to the platforms below by means of an elevator.

Through mediation of joint meetings and drafting of user requirements we were able to optimize the project organization and processes as well as align the expectations and objectives of all stakeholders, i.e. the client (Credit Suisse), the future operator (Horgen) and the landowner (SBB).