Strategy for a sustainable development

Client RUAG Real Estate AG, Berne
Project managers Angela Mizrahi, Heini M. Bossert
(in collaboration with HRS Real Estate)
Time frame 2011
Site area 60 ha, 50% owned by RUAG
  • Analysis of location including external and internal factors
  • Preparation of development analysis and master plan
  • Synthesizing development scenarios into a phasing concept

The formerly fenced-off military zone between the river Aare and the national military training grounds in the northern part of the Bernese city Thun is to be converted into a lively and thriving business park. As a first important step we developed a comprehensive master plan covering the whole area.

The master plan organizes the site into various usage and development zones with an overlaying grid of streets and green spaces. As part of the concept, we proposed a step-by-step development strategy in which the newly defined zones are either complemented in their current use, expanded for new usage such as living, or released on the open market for complementary development. At the heart lies the new RUAG production and business park, which concentrates the formerly widely spread-out spaces and facilities in one centralized and efficient location.