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School Renovation to be completed by spring 2021

After the new school building and renovated wing B of the Sonnenberg school complex in Adliswil went into operation at the beginning of the school year 2020/21, the renovation works of wing A will be completed by this spring. The new school building was designed by Oxid Architects and was conceived as a wooden structure. It houses 10 classrooms, various learning spaces and a library. The existing wing B was renovated and converted into a teachers' area, while the former swimming pool space was adapted to a singing / multi-purpose hall.

Federal Asylum Centre, Basel

The first construction phase of the federal asylum centre in Basel - the office and application processing building - was completed and handed over to the user SEM approximately one year ago. In the spring aof 2020 ground will be broken for the accomodation building, which is situated in the rear area of the property and will be directly linked to the office building. The current shelter providing 400 beds, has reached its end of life and will be replaced by a modern and efficient wood construction, housing up to 350 people from all over the world. foto: Hector Egger Holzbau AG (Totalunternehmer) und Baubüro in situ AG (Architekt)