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In the railway station Schlieren: Move in

At the main square of the train station Schlieren, SBB Real Estate has developed a new 11'000 m2 mixed use project consisting of two volumes, immediately adjacent to the historic train station building. The 6 story elongated volume, situated along the traintracks and on the north parte of the site, consists of 30 apartments, which range from 2.5 rooms to 4.5 rooms. The other volume - a 5 story cube - houses attractive office spaces. The ground floor of both buildings gives ample space for retail and restaurant tenants; thus, creating a dynamic central meeting point for the neighbourhood. The construction for the two buildings including a large parking garage has now been concluded, with the first tenants moved in per the End of August.


New Elementary School Wilacker, Adliswil

In the last years, the number of students has grown considerably in the city of Adliswil. The required need for additional classrooms, as well as renovations of the existing school building from the 60s/70s has resulted in the construction of various school projects in the region.

At the school Wilacker the existing building is to be enlarged and partially replaced, in order to make room for two volumes, which combine the different uses like classrooms, multipurpose rooms, library, music room and supervision space.

The concept of the first phase is based on a modular and flexible system, which consists of 6 classrooms and corresponding teachers' and peripheral rooms, as well as the required mechanical and technical spaces. Due to the modular system and mode of production, the construction time could be reduced to only 9 months. The opening ceremony took place on August 28, 2018.